What are we about ?

We specalize in making Motor Controllers for Roboticist’s and Animatronics Makers to enable you to design and make efficient and smooth moving robotics. Hobbyists make robotic devices based on RC Servos of the Futaba variety. However, their usefulness is limited to making small to mid-size robots. We help you make larger, robust and mean machines. To do this, you need stronger Mechatronics and larger Motors. Our advanced Power Servo Controller enables your designs to move smoothly without any jerkyness.

Rc Power Servo Controller


Watch this YouTube Video to get an overall view of what this is about!


For how to build a PowerServo…. Click here !

How we can help ?

We provide state of the art Motor Controllers and Software pertaining to Rc Robotics and Animatronics. If you have a unique Hardware or Software requirement for your Project and are not able to find an off-the-shelf product, we may be able to design a custom device for you. Please  contact us for a quote. If you have any suggestions for a product you have not been able to find, let us know. we may decide to make it.

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